What is An .ics File And How Do I Open It?

If you use Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Calendar, you might have heard about an ICS file. This guide will help you know what is an ics file and how to open it. 

What is An ICS File?

Several email and calendar programs, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar, use a calendar file known as an ICS file. It is mostly used by online academic institutions, office employees and other professionals. 

It allows users to share specific calendar information on the web or over email. For instance, Universities send these ICS files to students, importing the class timings and other details into their calendars. 

An ics file usually contains the below information about a calendar event: 

  • Title
  • Summary and description
  • Start and end timing
  • Location 
  • Alert trigger 

Also, the ICS file format is the universal calendar file format. Hence, almost every calendar application uses it, making it the most common type of file used to exchange any calendar information. 

How to Open An ICS File? 

Simply, visit a calendar application on your device and double-tap an ICS file to import the details of the event the file contains into your calendar. 

You can also tap the gear icon to select settings and then the “import & export” button. Lastly, tap the “Import” tab to import your  .ics file into your calendar. 

To Conclude

An ICS file format is the universal calendar file format used by major calendar applications. This guide helps you learn more about it, along with the process of opening it.